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Xender App: Gone are the days when we had used Bluetooth for files transfer from one mobile to another which would actually take some minutes for complete transfer. Lots new apps has been released in the market now which are very convenient to transfer any files from mobile to mobile using wifi connectivity.

One of the best Apk Android app to transfer files from mobile to mobile is Xender App, it’s fast protect and more reliable than others.Follow the guide below to learn about this app and how to install it on theAndroid mobile.

How to Download Xender App for Android and iOS :

Xender name was consequent of “sender” and it is the best File Transfer App used to transfer and receive the files from mobile to mobile at free of cost. It can share files from mobile toPC or any further device. It also provisions cross-platform I.e., Android and iOS is likewise believable with this app which is the mesmerizing feature for users.To transfer, there is no requirement of the net in both the devices.

how to download xender app

Xender App can even displace Bluetooth totally in future as it is a great deal quicker than it. It can modify the way we share and receive files from mobile to mobile and saves lot of time. Using it, we can share or receive all that we want. In a couple taps, we can share music, recordings, pictures, and all applications. It is available for both Xender App for Android and iOS gadgets.This is a remarkable app to share files between two devices operating at two unique stages. You can share documents between our mobiles and PC, MAC or Chrome-book.Some of the best features of Xender are listed beneath.

Features of Xender App for Android and iOS:

xender app features


  • Transfer and Receive files from one mobile to other.
  • Transfers the files from PC/Mac to Android phones.
  • Transfer files from iOS/Windows to Android phones.
  • The user can transfer anything i.e. apps, music, movies, photos and etc.
  • Supports cross-platform sharing/transfer i.e. user can simply transfer from windows mobile or android mobile toIOS or PC/Mac.
  • Very fast and protected.
  • The user can send files in a group by just selecting them.

Steps to Download Xender Apk for Android and iOS:

  • So here are some easy steps which you’ll need to follow keeping in mind the end goal to download Xender for android:
  • Downloading directly from GooglePlay Store: You can directly go to Google play store on your android mobile and search for the Xender Apk and download it from there.
  • Once you have searched for Xender in Google play store, you’ll be required to select Xender and click on install.A new pop-up will be displayed on the screen and you need to click on accept and continue to download the app.
  • Once you’ve accepted the above popup, the download will be start.

Steps to Install Xender  Apk for Android and iOS :

  • Now that you have downloaded the app next step is to install by just opening it.
  • If you have downloaded the app from the Google playstore, it will automatically be install on your android.
  • Once you’ve installed the Xender Apk on your android mobile a new shortcut will be generate on home screen.
  • The user can also transmit the files from old mobile to new mobile which is called as “Phone Replicate”.
  • Open the app at your ease and transfer any files you like at your finger tip.

How to download and install Xender App for your iPhone 4/5c/5s/6 and Windows Mobile?

Xender is accessible for iOS and Windows and is simple to use and a proficient app which allows you to send tremendous files in a short span of time. This app is also available for iPhone, if you are looking for Xender App for iOS version then you can simply search the app name on your iTunes and install it from there. If you are looking for Windows version of this app, then search the same on windows store and download it from there. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can track the routine procedure to install it the app and start using it.

One of the best things of xender app is that it comes absolutely free of cost and haven premium variants. It indicates that you won’t be pestere over and over by getting got some information about moving Upton paid version. If you are looking for fast files transfer from mobile to mobile then you must go for Xender app.This post is a totally devoted to Xender APP, so if you have any queries you can send to us via the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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