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Features of Xender for iOS | How to Download Xender for iOS

Xender for iOS: Xender is the widely used product application that makes transfer of files and larger data breezing and hassle free. The application allows the users to share extensive volume of information and data between gadgets with ease. Typically, Smartphone users make use of Bluetooth to transfer files and data between gadgets which is not only time consuming, but also makes exchange of document quite complicated at times. To counteract such issues, Xender has been introduced that has revolutionized the way we transfer data today.

The application works smoothly on multiple platform including Android gadgets, Windows PC, MAC PCs and also on iOS gadgets. Xender for iOS has been designed to handle substantial amount of data and information between two devices and it has the ability to transfer data at rapid pace.

Features of Xender for iOS:

xender for ios

Xender for iOS is faster compared to all other sharing application for mobile devices. It makes use of Wi-Fi to find gadgets close to it and authorizes rapid sharing of information between gadgets having Xender application. This application doesn’t use NFC or near field correspondence to exchange or transfer data. It can share and exchange any type of data, information, records, archive, music, videos, movies, recordings, images and even application between gadgets at lighting fast speed without versatile information use. Some of the other features of Xender for iOS include:

  • It is more quicker and speedier than Bluetooth in regards to information exchange and acts excellently through preparing.
  • This can exchange record of Android gadgets and then Android to iOS without any unsettling influence.
  • Empowers to send huge volume of data through Xender application for iOS.
  • Its can share and exchange records, archive, recordings, videos, pictures, applications and more between gadgets at lightening fast speed.
  • You will never experience the occurrence of time postponement in Xender for iOS.
  • It never uses portable information for information exchange.
  • It is more astute and less demanding compared to other sharing apps.
  • No close field correspondence is use with Xender, instead it makes use of wireless association for exchanging and sharing information.

xender for ios

  • It offers up to 100Mbps speed.
  • You can exchange and share to get records right away between iPhone, Android phone, PC and Macintosh
  • Record sharing velocity is really quick or ultra pace in Xender for iOS.

How to Download Xender for iOS:

Xender is compatible with all iOS phones and Mac. You can download the application from the Apple App Store of your phone and start using it. To download the Xender for iOS you need to follow certain steps that are mention below:

  • Download and introduce the Xender for iOS application from the App Store.
  • After introducing you need to open the application and create a profile by filling the points of interest of you as they requested and create the profile of yours.
  • Now you can start sending and receiving data and files from other iOS phones having Xender application.
  • To exchange and share data you need to launch the Xender application in both the gadgets which you want to associate or with link.
  • After launching the application, tap on the interface compassions and after that make a bunch of file in Xender that you want to send to other gadget.
  • Now start the search for the gadget close to you to send the data and information.

xender for ios

  • Now you need to tap the name of the gadget that you want to associate with and the application will start sending the data and information which you have already selected. This is how the application work to share and receive data between gadgets.


Xender for iOS is the best in class sharing application today that all iOS must have. It allows faster sharing and receiving of documents without hassles.


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